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Listen. Challenge. Transform.

The People of GN

The people of GN

Armed with our passion to make life sound better, and with the courage to conquer new frontiers, we have created a series of ‘world’s firsts’ with groundbreaking achievements such as our 2.4 GHz technology, the world’s first Bluetooth headset, the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aids with direct stereo sound streaming, the world’s first Dolby headset with in-ear heart rate monitor… and the list continues. This video gives you a little taste of what we are about.

Our purpose

Every day, more than 5,000 GN employees around the world get up in the morning with a common and dedicated purpose of Making Life Sound Better for the users of our products and solutions. This is why we exist as a company. 

Our promise

GN is the only audio solutions company with world leading expertise under one roof in both the medical grade hearing aid and the professional and consumer grade headset industries. This unique combination of competencies enables us to develop truly intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more, do more and be more that you ever thought possible.

Our values

Our customers and the users of our products are the most important asset we have as a company. Recognizing this, our employees and management has articulated our company values to exactly reflect our daily promise to consumers.

We promise that you will HEAR MORE. To ensure this we at GN will LISTEN … to users … to one another … to the market
We promise that you will DO MORE. So, we have to CHALLENGE … ourselves … one another ... the status quo
We promise you will DO MORE. Every day we work to TRANSFORM … ourselves … our industry … lives

Working at GN

We are the only company in the world with all of this under one roof: World-leading expertise in the human auditory system, sound and speech, wireless technologies and software development linking deep insight and knowledge from both the hearing aid and the headset industries. On five continents, our offices are filled with the sound of people working with the future of hearables, headsets and hearing aids.