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DTU Virtual Career Night

Join DTU Virtual Career Night and get a sneak peek into how your future career as an engineer could look like!

10. marts 17:00 - 20:00 CET

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Engineering today is a very diverse field, and the complex problem solving skills that DTU students are so well equipped with is in high demand in several industries.

On this night we are putting spotlight on exciting opportunities for engineers within management consulting and the audio industry.

Grab a seat in the comfort of your home when we livestream directly from DTU and get ready to take the first steps towards your dream career!

Who can you meet?

At the DTU Virtual Career Night, KPMG, BCG, EPOS and Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen (Danish Agency of IT and Development) will present the technical challenges and opportunities they are facing - and how that can translate into a career path for you as an engineer in their organisation.


Program (*The program is tentative and may be subject to change)

17.00-17.10: Welcome / intro - DTU Talent Partner Team

17.10-17.35: EPOS: "Unleash Human Potential Through the Power of Audio"

17.35-18.00: BCG Platinion and Gamma: "Create real impact - meet DigitalBCG’s IT Consultants and Data Scientists"

18.00-18.25: KPMG: "Consulting memes, are they true?"

18.25-18.35: Break

18.35-19.00: Tba

19.00-19.25: Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen (Danish Agency of IT and Development): *Presentation headline to be announced*

19.25-19.30: DTU closing remarks

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The event is organised by DTU Career Centre, DTU Industrial Partnerships and DTU Talent Partner.


About the companies

EPOS: Based on pioneering technologies and contemporary design, EPOS designs, manufactures and sells high-end audio and video solutions for business professionals and gamers.

Established upon the former successful joint venture between audio specialist Sennheiser and the world-leading hearing technology group Demant, EPOS builds on more than 115 years of experience of working with innovation and sound.

Owned by the Demant Group and with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 60 countries.

KPMG: At KPMG, we believe in more impact and less hierarchy by providing room and space for your professional and personal growth – your ambitions and dreams. Our teams are all infused by technology and have innovation as part of their DNA. Working at KPMG means that you will be part of a diverse team that is constantly pushing boundaries to deliver high-quality services based on in-depth understanding of data and the impact that it can make on the clients’ businesses.

Our 1-year graduate programme gives you the skills and expertise to start your career as a tech consultant. You will receive structured, in-house training and work on client-facing engagements. We are always on the lookout for engineers interested in a career in consulting. The programme is open to graduates from all universities and business schools.

BCG Platinion & BCG Gamma: Have you ever wondered how and why to combine your technical background with management consulting? Two entities of DigitalBCG, the technical divisions of the Boston Consulting Group, will provide insights into both worlds, their projects and what made them choose BCG!

BCG Platinion combines best in class strategy with cutting edge technology and design. We design, build, and implement the platforms, digital products and IT architectures, that transform clients into more autonomous, productive and Agile organizations. Our team is comprised of over 700 digital, data, and technology experts, supporting BCG clients around the world.

BCG Gamma builds solutions to radically transform the business performance of the world's most iconic companies in 9 to 12 months; unleashing the power of large and complex data sets and fostering a culture of innovation and radical change. Our agile, self-funded, and AI-powered solutions ensure continuous improvement for our clients. We focus on enablement from day one, co-creating solutions with the client while building assets and capabilities.

Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen: *Company text will follow*

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