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Jeg er en ung mand på 20 år, som læser en Bachelor i byggeteknologi på DTU. Jeg er pt. på 3. semester. Som person er jeg glad, åben, og engagerer mig i alt jeg går i, om det er studiet, arbejdet, eller det frivillige arbejde jeg er en del af på DTU. Jeg læser konstruktionsretningen, og vil derfor gerne have et studiejob, som omhandler dett

DTU Byg hårdtarbejdende Engageret Udadvendt Elsker udfordringer  

Updated 10. januar 2018
Fotis is a Sofware Engineer who graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Technical University of Crete in Greece. Now he lives in Denmark where he studies Digital Media Engineering as an MSc student at the Technical University of Denmark. His study plan focuses on User Experience, Computer Graphics, Game Development,

web development mobile develpment ux  

Updated 15. januar 2018
Diplomingeniør med speciale i VVS/HVAC.
Fjernstuderende ved AU (cand.polyt) fluid dynamik.

Arbejder fuldtid ved Anderson Systems i Goleta, USA med;
* Renrumsdesign
* Dimensionering af evaporative køleanlæg/køletårne

Arbejdsvisum + kontrakt gældende til juli 2018.
Søger job med udstationering i USA med start medio 2018.

Ingeniør Bygning VVS Ventilation HVAC  

Updated 10. januar 2018
I am hardworking and always willing to be challenged with new things and technologies. I like working in Software Developing and I particularly like Artificial Intelligence and it's applications. I also have an interest in computer games and medical software.

games c# unity digital media software  

Updated 09. januar 2018
I am an ambitions and highly motivated Structural engineer with almost 6 years of experience in branch who would like to tackle new challenges in Denmark.
I have worked successfully both as a Structural engineer and as Construction Supervisor/manager and I am a capable team player but can also work independently.

Updated 09. januar 2018
27-year-old electrical engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, currently studying Automation and Robot Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. I consider myself as a technical person with an analytic mindset, who works hard and learns fast. I am a real team player and great at problem-solving.

Updated 09. januar 2018
26-year-old ambitious professional currently studying at DTU and looking for a student job. Previous experience as R&D worker in the oil and gas industry.

Updated 18. januar 2018
Proactive Energy Engineer, with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong analytical skills. Committed, hard worker, very responsible, and versatile adapting myself to different work situations with effectiveness and enthusiasm and in continuous learning. Passionate about Innovation and Sustainability, and eager to develop professionally in those areas

Updated 29. december 2017
Currently studying my master’s degree in civil engineering on DTU

byggeteknologi byggeri og anlæg byg geoteknik BIM  

Updated 15. januar 2018
I am a 28-year-old student of General Engineering (BSc) at DTU. I am italo-brazilian and grew up in Brazil, where I graduated in Industrial Mechatronics and worked as systems analyst. Natural sciences and technology are fascinating to me. I want to keep learning and contribute to increase people's life quality and sustainability.

International English Portuguese Italian Engineering Student  

Updated 15. december 2017
Industrial Engineer specialized in Transport and Logistics

Supply Chain Management Transport Optimization Sustainable Mobility  

Updated 09. januar 2018

chemistry catalysis teaching lab environmental  

Updated 18. januar 2018

3D Tegning Programming  

Updated 20. januar 2018
International B2B experience in sales and distribution management. Distinct exposure in Asia and Nordic markets. Hands-on experience through front line management, covering market strategy, segment sales, and a strong focus to develop new relationships and people.
In short, competencies combining Sales, Technology and Leading teams.

BSc Elec. Engineering international commercial track record high tech building sector 17 years sales leadership experience  

Updated 26. november 2017
B.Eng. Electronics and Computer Engineering at Copenhagen University College of Engineering
Master.Electric Energy Systems at Technical University of Denmark.

Updated 22. januar 2018
My title thesis was "Dynamic LCA along a supply chain: functional needs and methodological issues".
I am currently looking for a job in the field of LCA.

Updated 22. januar 2018
Well-educated Nano / Materials Engineer
Experimentalist and SMART with a good English knowledge
Well in working with computer and curious to know new technologies and increase my knowledge to my unknowns.

Updated 22. januar 2018
Jeg er en ung mand på 24 år, bosat i Dyssegård, lidt nord for København. Jeg har siden 2009 studeret Byggeteknologi på DTU og påbegyndte i efteråret 2012 min kandidatuddannelse.
Faglige kompetencer inde for specielt konstruktion og geoteknik.

Updated 22. januar 2018
Public international Law with a specific specialization on International Environmental and Energy Law. Courses attended International environmental law and International climate change and Energy law.

Updated 22. januar 2018
I had a master in Physics engineer and a bachelor in chemical engineer. I'm attending a second muster in Sustainable Energy at DTU Denmark. I'm very interested in the field of Fuel Cells.

Updated 22. januar 2018
I am keen to begin a career in Biomedical Science, Public Health or Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Projects. I am a postgraduate who combined studies with working and other commitments.

Updated 22. januar 2018
i have did M.Sc from BarkatullhUniversity bhopla madhay paresdh durini my i have chosen the subject genectis immunology plant bitechnology instrumentation.

Updated 22. januar 2018
MSc in computer engineering-artificial intelligence with expirence in the field of Human behavior representation, computational cognitive modeling, bioinformatics and medical data mining

Updated 22. januar 2018
I did my BSc (Hon's) in Agricultural Agronomy and MPhil in Plant & Environmental Protection. Now i want to continue my studies as PhD in Bacteriological Upgrading of Biogas to Natural Gas Quality

Updated 22. januar 2018
I am an energetic, innovative individaul with a Ph.D degree in Enviromnental Biotechnology from Lund University in Sweden (I have inserted DTU for convenience). My speciality has been biomethane production in lab, pilot and fullscle.

Updated 22. januar 2018
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