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Developers with a passion for data, consulting and emerging technologies at Deloitte Denmark

Are you passionate about data, and do you want to develop your technical expertise? Then you might be the candidate we are looking for! Being a developer in Deloitte Consulting means developing innovative solutions that use the newest technologies, including open-source tools, cognitive computing and cloud solutions.

You will join Deloitte Consulting as a consultant in the Analytics and Cognitive (AC) department where you will work in a developer role together with leading data specialists in Denmark. Being a part of AC means being part of a technologically sophisticated department working on projects that require innovative thinking as we build the most meaningful solutions for our clients. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to become a leading technical 
specialist within a specific technology such as:

•    Modern data platforms 
•    Automation solutions (RPA, chatbots, process mining etc.)
•    Cloud-based solutions
•    Advanced analytics
•    Data visualization.

In AC, you will work and specialize within the areas that you find the most exciting, but you should be open towards working within different aspects of development. Core developer competences will be the foundation of your work and you will have the opportunity to work with all levels of different technology stacks: from back-end data processing technologies with SQL Server, Hadoop and Spark to front-end technologies such as HTML5 and D3.js, delivering on-premise solutions or through leading cloud providers (Azure, Google and Amazon). 

At Deloitte, we believe in leadership at all levels. We have a mentoring program and an open environment that encourages you to ask questions and learn every day. All consultants are assigned a talent manager to provide guidance in your personal development as well with developing your career. Deloitte Denmark works closely together with the other Nordic Deloitte offices, and we work with clients at their offices in Denmark and in the Nordic countries. International projects are within your reach if you are interested. In many ways, flexibility is a keyword within Deloitte.

Exciting tasks await you
Client assignments vary greatly, but most of the assignments fit into one of the categories below. However, it is common for all assignments that we strive to work with the technologies that the client prefers. 

Besides client work, consultants on all levels take part in internal tasks such as sales activities and further development of our organization. The distribution of these tasks depends on your seniority, role and profile. 
  • Client assignments will often have you work on the following:
    • Extracting, transforming and loading data into well-defined data models 
    • Building front-end reports to gain insights
    • Handling large quantities of structured and unstructured data
    • Developing machine learning algorithms to detect patterns in data
    • Employing robotics to automate processes
    • Developing your consulting skills in terms of advising clients on usage of data and technology.
  • Sales activities include:
    • Identifying and acting on new client needs on your current projects
    • Joining in on workshops/sales pitches as a domain specialist
    • Contributing to proposals for new client projects.
  • Organizational development adds to our collective ability to perform well in the market. This may include:
    • Building internal capabilities through community tasks; perhaps within new business areas
    • Assisting on developing internal tools to make us even better.

You have the following skills and experience
  • You are still studying for, or have recently graduated with, a degree in computer science, IT, engineering, software development or similar, and you are among the best in your class.
  • You are familiar with design and architectural patterns.
  • You love data and thrive in helping clients find value in their data.
  • You develop and implement high-quality solutions.
  • You have a passionate mind and want to deliver impact for our clients.

Bonus experience
The broader your skills and experiences, the more opportunities we will have to engage you in different roles. It is an advantage if you have experience within or knowledge about some of the following technologies:
  • Database technologies: SQL, NoSQL, etc.
  • Cloud technologies: Azure, AWS, GCP etc.
  • Data tools: Hadoop, Hive, Spark, etc.
  • Programming languages: Python, C#, Java, Scala, etc.
  • User interfaces: React, HTML5, CSS, Angular.js, etc.
  • Development tools: GIT, TFS, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Microservices: Web API, REST API

Click the apply button above if you are ready to join our team. Send your application, CV and grade transcript from your bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as any other relevant documents. We process applications and arrange interviews continually, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Nadia Lyngaa Madsen, senior manager in Analytics & Cognitive, Deloitte Consulting, at +45 27603266 if you have any questions about the position.

We look forward to connecting with you!