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Thesis: Comparison of the LCA between new and remanufactured Husqvarnas robotic lawn mower at Linköpings Universitet

Today's Swedish manufacturing industry has a linear material flow that generates waste and resource depletion. To achieve sustainable consumption and production, more circular flows are needed. Remanufacturing is a key element in circular economy (CE) that gives a previously used products a new life. Remanufacturing brings a core (used product or it’s part) to an industrial process (inspection, disassembly, cleaning, processing, reassembly, final test), where the product is restored to a condition that the next customer wants. In this way, the products can be used several times before being recycled. Today, remanufacturing is underestimated and unutilized by many industries, e.g. electric and electronic equipment (EEE) industry, and consumers have a limited choice when it comes to buying / leasing new or remanufactured EEE products. Life cycle assessment (LCA) can be a tool to highlight environmental benefits with remanufacturing. Comparing LCA for newly manufactured and remanufactured Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers is critical to the thesis project's task. By bringing more attention to the environmental benefits with remanufacturing, with the help of LCA, more original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can dare to invest in remanufacturing.

The purpose of the thesis is to develop a LCA for remanufactured robotic lawn mowers and compare it with an LCA of new manufactured ones. Examples of subjects that the concern the project are:

  • Analyze the existing LCA for new robotic lawnmowers (NewLCA)
  • Define which LCA parameters may be suitable for LCA for remanufactured robotic lawnmowers (RemLCA)
  • Carry out a SWOT analysis on RemLCA compared to NewLCA
  • Develop a methodology for how to select appropriate parameters and calculate the LCA for remanufactured EEE products.


Analysis of LCA and relevant parameters using literature study. Analysis / investigation of Husqvarna's LCA for new robotic lawnmowers using LCA internal documents. Interviews with experts within LCA and industry representatives from Husqvarna will be conducted during the thesis.

Time period

Spring term 2021 (or earlier)


1 – 2 students who will carry out a 30hp master thesis send CV to latest 7 November 2020

Contact person at Linköping University

Examiner: Niclas Svensson (013-28 56 62,; Erik Sundin (013–286601,

Supervisor: Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene: 013–282714,

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