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Implication of data security on the remanufacturing process of used IT devices at INREGO A at Linköpings Universitet


Passwords and tracking systems for personal IT devices are becoming more and more important for users’ data protection. A user (a private person or a company) tends to install data locks to protect the data, however, when an IT device is no longer in use the data lock can hinder a smooth remanufacturing process.

Remanufacturing of IT devices is an industrial process, when used IT devices are collected, quality controlled, cleaned, (disassembled, repaired, and reassembled, if required), tested and packaged for a new customer. Due to data locks some used IT devices can be difficult to access during the testing phase, which contributes to a long and costly remanufacturing process at INREGO AB. The pursuit of the users, who originally set up data locks, can be sometimes inconclusive. However, users do not want to take a risk of sharing personal passwords to remove the data locks. As a result, locked IT devices are either sold for a reduced price or scrapped.

INREGO AB is now interested in a solution to data locks to boost its remanufacturing process. INREGO AB needs an analysis of 1) data security trends within IT sector and 2) trade-offs between data security and IT remanufacturing sector’s potential grow.

The purpose of the master thesis is to study the role of data security in the remanufacturing process of used IT devices at Inrego AB.


  • Analysis of the data security systems for IT devices (existing and new trends), Benchmarking
  • Map of key stakeholders interested in or dependent on data security: who to leverage and what they are protecting
  • Estimated impact/implication of data locks/passwords on INREGO AB remanufacturing process
  • Developed solutions to the issues with data security (technical OR business, depending on student background)
  • SWOT analysis of the solutions, classified and ranked according to the INREGO AB needs
  • Pilot test the most applicable solution at INREGO AB


  • Literature review and market analysis
  • Data collection from the users – Questionnaires, Interviews, other
  • Data analysis at INREGO AB
  • Interviews with industry representatives from INREGO AB
  • Observation of the remanufacturing process - Study visits
  • Inrego AB is providing supervision on solution development to guarantee its applicability

Time period

Spring term 2021


1 – 2 students who will carry out a 30hp master thesis send CV to latest 21 November 2020

Contact person at Linköping University

  • Examiner: Erik Sundin (013–286601,
  • Supervisor: Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene: 013–282714,

Contact person at INREGO AB

  • Valentina Falconi (070 3201023,
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