Switched-Mode Power Supply for high input voltage at Converdan A/S

Do you know how many skills that is needed to make a Switched-Mode Power Supply? Are you interested in analytical modelling of power electronics, safety, magnetics design, analog or digital regulation design, simulation models, EMC or electronics in general?

Then this is a great opportunity to combine all of what you have learned.

Switched-Mode Power Supplies is in nowadays the only way to convert voltage from one level to another. There exists many Power Supplies in the industry that is not design for the purpose where it is used. This project is a great opportunity to understand what it takes to make a Switched-Mode Power Supply by constructing an analytical- & simulation- & prototype-model and matching them. A power supply is an impressive and complex piece of engineering where it is a compromise of every decision you make, every choice interact with the previous choice.

This SMPS is normally supplied by a high DC voltage of 1kV, but under startup it needs to be supplied by a second input AC input voltage of 480Vrms.

Following research needs to be covered in order to understand a SMPS:

  • Selection of proper topology
  • Modeling of power supply in order to make a simulation model.
  • Magnetic design of transformer & inductors.
    • Core - Eddy currents, hysteresis, saturation
    • Winding – Proximity, fringing and conduction.
    • Parasitic capacitive coupling
    • Magnetization inductance
    • Leakage inductance
  • Selection of components – Account for the different construction types of a component.
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Temperature impact analysis
  • Regulation (Analog or Digital)
    • Gain & Phase investigation
    • Input impedance
    • Output impedance
    • Startup investigation – large signal model.
  • EMI filter
    • Interaction with the regulation of the Regulation
    • Interaction with the source
  • EMC (if the project time allows it)
    • Conducted immunity & emission
    • Radiated immunity & emission

The requirements for the Switched-Mode Power Supply are as follows:

  • Input voltage range 400-1200 Vdc
  • Startup on mains supply (without PFC) 300-500 Vac.
  • Output voltage 24 Vdc
  • Output power 20W
  • EMI filter included for residential limits
  • Efficiency 95%
  • Regulation - Gain & Phase margin of 12 dB and 60°
  • Dynamic Output Impedance <200mR

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