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Worked as computer technician 2 times as summer job and did my internship at University of Macedonia, Computers and Networks department. Also used to work as a Fabric's agent for almost 8 months. My job was to communicate with the factory, arrange orders and shipping as well as troubleshooting.

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Opdateret 12. september 2017
Min uddannelse
2016 - 2018

MSc, Telecommunications

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU

Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: september 2016 - juni 2018
2010 - 2016

BSc. Electronic and IT

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

Uddannelsesområde: IT
Periode: september 2010 - maj 2016
Min erhvervserfaring
2015 - nu

Fabric's Agent

Kind off out of my field but that's the story behind it. Me and a very experienced on textile man visited an expo at Turkey almost a year ago. We found a big textile factory that had no agent in Greece and contacted them. We became their agents in Greece. My job was to communicate with the factory, plan the orders, request info from both the factory and the Clients (prices, specific demands, delivery times, etc), keep up with all the e-mails and samples we had to send or receive, keep up with the shipments and cargo transfers, troubleshoot and inform factory in case of any defects, check invoices import fees and fees in general.
Arbejdsområde: Salg
Periode: oktober 2015 - nu
2015 - 2015


I did my internship at the department of Computers and Networks at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece ( There i had the chance to interact with experienced technicians, learn how to act fast when it's needed and keep open minded when it comes to troubleshooting. That was one part of the job. For the other one i had to communicate with professors and students in order to solve hardware or software issues that came their way. Also make sure that the lab of approximately 80 computers was working smoothly. During the last 2 months there, me and my colleagues, created a java application with the title "Electronic handling of the rented equipment, using Webcams and QR codes".
Arbejdsområde: IT - Hardware
Periode: juni 2015 - november 2015
2009 - 2009

Computer's technician

Spent 2 summers working at a computer center as a technician. I was obsessed with computers since i was 10 so 90% of the knowledge i have on this field comes from personal experiences and experiments.
Arbejdsområde: IT - Hardware
Periode: juni 2009 - august 2009
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IT - Hardware IT - Netværk & Telekomm. IT - Software
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