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I am an energetic, innovative individaul with a Ph.D degree in Enviromnental Biotechnology from Lund University in Sweden (I have inserted DTU for convenience). My speciality has been biomethane production in lab, pilot and fullscle.

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
My Goal is to work on platforms that helps to achieve a vision of agriculture as a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through global and local market-based approaches and public-private partnerships.

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
I am Venkatesan N from India, holding Master's degree in Network Engineering in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. Being so curious in the network, I would like scale my move to the next step in Computer Networks by Research.

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
An enthusiastic and skilled civil engineer with proven abilities in designing relevant geotechnical projects (deep and shallow foundations, underpinning, earth retaining structures and slope stability) and structural projects (bridges and buildings).

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
Master's Degree in Mechatronics & Bachelor's Degree Mechanical from India.Working as Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. Previously worked as Master Chief Aircraft Artificer. knowledge and on job skills in Aircraft,Turbine engine MATLAB

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
Construction Building Engineer is my field of interest and I have quite an experience in this field. I can manage the site staff, do my self necessary checks and carry out the construction works smoothly.

Opdateret 21. juni 2018
  • From september, MSc program "Computer Science and Engineering" at DTU - study line "Efficient and Intelligent Software", focus on AI, Algorithms and Security.
  • - Bachelor summa cum laude in "Computer Science Engineering" in Italy.

    Opdateret 21. juni 2018
    researcher in urban transport
    experinced and motivated young researcher in urban and transport planning/design
    considerable international experince

    Opdateret 21. juni 2018
    I am a hard-working, skilled software developer, who is not afraid of new challenges and is eager to learn more. Currently I am studying Computer Science and Engineering at DTU (I have been studying at DTU previously for a year as an exchange student

    Opdateret 21. juni 2018
    It is my pleasure to introduce myself Mr. Saleel Ahammad Saleel, presently doing Research Master's in Nanoscience (www.mscnano.eu) at the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU and Donostia International Physics Centre, DIPC, San Sebastian.

    Opdateret 21. juni 2018
    I am a Software Engineer from Greece who graduated from London Metropolitan University. I will be coming to Denmark to study Computer Science and Engineering as an MSc student in theTechnical University of Denmark. Additionally, I have 2+ years of professional Software Engineering experience from working after my graduation in Greece.

    Opdateret 14. maj 2018
    Jeg er en fornuftig fyr, der har let ved at omgås andre mennesker.
    Generelt er jeg ret interesseret i forbrugerelektronik, sport og motion.

    Produktionsingeniør management engineer management engineering  

    Opdateret 22. maj 2018
    Miljøingeniør (civil), med 9 års erfaring indenfor sagsbehandling, kontrol, lovgivning (godkendelser),tilsyn og undervisning indenfor råstofområdet.

    Grønland miljø råstoffer udvikling  

    Opdateret 25. maj 2018
    Business Executive with more than 25 years’ experience in business development, innovation based partnerships, B-2-B marketing, strategy and management in global, industrial biotech companies: Novozymes and Danisco/DuPont

    Opdateret 19. maj 2018
    Chemical Enegineer with Master in Sustainable Energy - Thermal Line, with key competencies thermodynamics, thermal and process engineering as well as in energy analysis and optimization.
    4-month immersion in manufacturing industry

    Chemical Engineering Process Engineering Sustainable Energy Energy optimization  

    Opdateret 03. maj 2018
    I have always been interested in the understanding of biological systems.
    The essential of my education is to combine mathematical and statistical
    modelling with computer science to analyse and interpret biological data.

    Matematisk modellering Dataanalyse Biostatistik Anvendt matematik Computing  

    Opdateret 02. maj 2018
    My name is Oliver Laursen, I'm currently studying a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. My interest include computer gaming, sports and excercise as well as just learning new things and gaining more experience.

    Curious Latex-user Extrovert  

    Opdateret 11. maj 2018
    I work with surface chemistry for the development of chemical analysis using micro/nano sensors.
    My motivation is providing solutions to chemical analysis problems using novel research techniques and insights on surface chemistry.

    Opdateret 14. maj 2018
    I am an innovative, adaptable and curious young mechanical engineering graduate from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with a very international profile. I have worked in various engineering sectors and I see myself as a communicative and easy learning team player, enjoying technical projects in both their generality and details.

    Mechanical engineer medical devices product development systems engineering international programming robust design maunfacturing FEM simulations  

    Opdateret 06. april 2018
    A Msc student in Wind Energy in DTU, specializing in mechanics and structure;
    Solid 4-year engineering backgroud in top wind energy companies in China;
    Rich working experience in wind data analysis, wind farm assessment and planning;
    Excellent communication skills;
    Team player and a self-motivated and proactive person.

    Wind Energy Data Analysis Offshore Wind Energy wind farm planning Meteorology Wind Turbine Mechanical Engineering Engineering  

    Opdateret 08. april 2018
    MSc. Eng. student with work experience in the energy sector. I’m mostly keen on contributing to the optimal use of natural and economic resources, specially through the operation of diverse energy markets and diversification of energy sources. I have an analytical personality and skills, complemented by a multidisciplinary academic formation.

    Energy Sustainable Analysis Markets Renewables Systems Management  

    Opdateret 16. april 2018
    Mechanical engineer and currently DTU MSc. Student with 2+ years of experience in lean startup creation, urban energy efficiency projects, building systems and CAD modelling. Besides, further studies in design and modeling of energy systems.

    Energy Innovative Entrepreneur Responsible  

    Opdateret 29. april 2018
    IT support with security clearance - SCCM / Support / AD / Server / MSI packaging / PowerShell etc.

    System Center Configuration Manager Installation packages  

    Opdateret 08. maj 2018
    Msc student in Chemical Engineering. Skilled in all aspects of chemical engineering including process computer simulation, development, equipment sizing and specification. Ability to use applied research and problem-solving. Have decent experience about group working and group management.

    student DTU Msc Chemical Engineer  

    Opdateret 19. april 2018
    Newly graduate, I am a physics and nanotechnology engineer with a specialization on energy conversion, surface physics and solar cells. Throughout my academic education, I have accumulated relevant knowledge and developed intricate problem solving skills, with an emphasis on detail and perfection. I strive in a fast-paced working environment, where

    Opdateret 18. april 2018
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