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I like focusing on the detail and anticipate other people's thoughts and feelings. I care about energy production and management. I would like to implement a technical sustainable solution in a business model.

Opdateret 06. juli 2013
I am a very motivated multidisciplinary student who enjoys tackling problems by approaching them from different perspectives. I am especially interested in the field of renewable energy technology, technology-based business and technology transfer.

Opdateret 30. juni 2013
I am an enthusiastic investigator who would like to pursue my career as a biomedical researcher to understand more about molecular determinants towards health abnormalities and diseases.

Opdateret 24. juni 2013
(DTU) MSc. in Civil engineer - Structural engineering (konstruktionsingenior)

Opdateret 01. juli 2013
I am a materials engineer with international experience in Sweden and Denmark. In my PhD I have focused on advanced ceramics and electrochemistry. I am looking for R&D/technical positions within the industry sector

Opdateret 19. maj 2013
I am Ágnes Jánoska from Hungary. Currently, I am following a 2 years master program in the Netherlands. I have working experience, and I speak English fluently. I am enthusiastic in starting to work in Denmark!

Opdateret 11. maj 2013
I want to pursue a PhD in Control systems as it is a vital technology and can assure me a bright future. I think that my ambition towards a full time teaching will be initiated by the degree.

Opdateret 05. maj 2013
Efter min studiet tid på DTU Energi retning og min stor interesse indenfor bærdygtige enrgiformer og termiske energianlæg søger jeg nye udfordringer.

Opdateret 12. april 2013
To obtain a research position with a concentration in Power Electronics and Drives applied to the Wind Energy in order to gain a more in depth under-standing of the subject.

Opdateret 22. marts 2013
I am a motivated professional from San Diego currently studying for my MSc at DTU. I have a civil background and 4 years’ experience as a bridge and transportation engineer. I'm searching for part-time work with a goal of international experience

Opdateret 29. januar 2013
Looking for new career opportunities that will allow me to make an impact while being part of a team and contributing to active and challenging projects, and that would provide excellent opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

Opdateret 02. januar 2013
Creative instructional designer of e-learning activities.

Opdateret 05. november 2012
An energetic ambitious Master's student studying Transportation and Logistics in Technical University of Denmark. I am looking for an interest driven job where I can make the best use of my expertise and technical skills.

Opdateret 08. oktober 2012
Someone interested in the state of our environment and energy. Advocacy for renewable energy use and biofuels. Ready to learn, compete and share ideas in these areas. In Denmark because its the best place to start learning to green the environment

Opdateret 04. september 2012
Dedikeret og engageret it-chef søger nye projekter

Opdateret 15. september 2012
I am a Physics engineer specialized in MEMS development (designing, analytical-FEM modeling, cleanroom fabrication, and electromechanical testing). I have a lot of international experience. I am structured, hard-working, and result-oriented.

Opdateret 22. juli 2012

Opdateret 18. juli 2012
I am a graduate of MS Industrial Ecology from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and have been trained with Thomas Concrete Group as part of my master’s thesis project.

Opdateret 25. juni 2012
i have completed my master of technology in Biotechnology looking for Ph.d in immunology.My goals also include to do higher research in the field of immunology and achieve positive results and solutions to human problems.

Opdateret 19. juni 2012
I am doing Mphil.(master of philosophy) in physics from pondicherry central university.my project is about magnetic tunnling across a barrier and calculations based upon density functional theory.i am looking for Phd.position in same field.

Opdateret 17. maj 2012
I have done Masters in Sustainable Water Sanitation Health & Development. I have interdisciplinary knowledge related to water and sanitation issues. I have teaching and research experience of about 2 years in water and sanitation issues

Opdateret 15. maj 2012
Struggle for a perfection and desires to be a successful professional. Seeking for a challenging position in a competitive and growth oriented environment where my skills and knowledge along with my enthusiasm can be utilized.

Opdateret 13. maj 2012
I have Mphill in soil science ,I am exprienced in soil pollution and plant nutrition,fertilizer recommendation and soil classification.

Opdateret 22. maj 2012
Currently I am studying Master of Science degree in Earth Orientated Space Science and Technology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

Previously I have worked at KONE R&D center in Finland in various projects.

Opdateret 23. april 2012
Myself Amar.s Bhandare completed B.E,M.E in Mechanical engineering & having industrial experience of 2years in automotive industry & currently working as a Assistant prof. in engineering college.

Opdateret 26. april 2012
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