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Jeg er en skarp og ansvarsbevidst kvinde som elsker at løse kompleks problemmer. I mig får du en dygtig medarbejder med et klogt hoved og god forstand på forskellige programmering sprog.
Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Angular o.fl.

Agile Backend Frontend Softwareudvikling Programmering  

Opdateret 07. november 2017
I have worked for several years in aerospace research and development, first at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and later in the Space section at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


Opdateret 15. november 2017
Professional in Life Cycle Assessment & Energy system analysis.
Project experience in PV system design and BIM collaboration.

LCA Energy system analysis Enegy economics  

Opdateret 15. november 2017
Project Director and Business Developer with focus on Organizational Implementations and a solid background in System Architecture and Project Management. Excellent within:
-Project management and implementation environment
-Technical experience with IT development, Operations & services
-Communication & stakeholder management skills
-GxP & GDP

PRINCE2 Practitioner ITIL Project Management Communication Stakeholder management Foreign Trade GDP GxP Organizational Development Organizational Implementation Proactive Adaptable Problem Management  

Opdateret 18. september 2017
I am passionate about planning and optimization and in particular Operations Research. I am fascinated of how the application of mathematical models and sophisticated data analyses can contribute to significantly improve practical and real-world operations.

Operations research linear programming integer programming operationsanalyse network optimization supply chain management  

Opdateret 13. oktober 2017
My name is Connor McShane and I am a final year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, studying at UWA. I
am currently seeking any work opportunities that can help develop my skill set and further my future career.

Embedded Systems Engineering Student  

Opdateret 30. oktober 2017
Navigation software engineer working with 3D geometric registration, point cloud data, parallel computing and CUDA algorithm optimization.

Interested in opportunities involving 3D SLAM (LiDAR) , machine intelligence, robotics, robot learning, pattern analysis, data science and automation.

DTU alumni computer vision robotics Lidar machine learning  

Opdateret 17. oktober 2017
I am a 29-year-old UCPH graduate with a Masters in Cell Biology and Physiology. I'm currently looking for a job where my skills can be of use. I'm driven, curious and I would love working with medical research.

Biologi Biolog Cellebiologi Biokemi Biology Cell biology Molecular biology Molekylærbiologi cancer research  

Opdateret 15. oktober 2017
Very passionate in Science and the new technologies. As Chemical and Environmental Engineer, I am always looking for new discoveries for the humanity and willing to develop the best solutions for every challenge. I have capabilities to work in: Chemical Engineering, Biocatalysis, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering and the Software Development.

Chemical Engineering PhD study Biocatalysis Catalytic enzymes Research and Development Nanotechnology Biochemical Engineering Test Engineering Process Engineering Chemistry Software Development  

Opdateret 11. september 2017
Energetic, polite and hard-working person. Passionate about chemistry and the nature are adjectives which describe me. I consider myself a person wanting to improve our environment. “Many small people in small places, doing small thing, can change the word”. It is a quote from Eduardo Galeano. My personal aim is to help to build a clean future.

Energetic Creative thinking Problem solving Leadership Hard-working Worried about the pollution  

Opdateret 27. september 2017
A motivated and hard working Civil and Environmental Engineer with a specialization in urban water engineering. Being an outgoing person with a strong personal drive and dedication with also a strong work ethic and willingness to take responsibility for my own learning. Aiming to gain relevant work

Opdateret 17. oktober 2017
Bygningsingeniør med 14 års erhvervserfaring i byggebranchen.
VVS og Ventilations ingeniør, projektering af installationer og 3D tegninger i Revit Mep, Archicad og Autocad.
Projektledelse på ny byggeri og renoveringsopgaver.
Energirameberegninger og indeklimasimuleringer.
Bygherrerådgivning, tilstandsvurdering og granskning af VVS-projekte

VVS- ingeniør Bygningsingeniør Diplomingeniør Projektleder  

Opdateret 28. september 2017
Jeg er studerene på mit 5 semester i bæredygtig byggeteknologi (civilingeniør), hvor jeg har dannet kompetencer inden for BIM, programmering med MATLAB og R studios, samt projektering af bygninger og diverse analyser/beregninger. Jeg har over seks års erhvervs erfaring, hvor to af årende har været inden for byggebranchen

Opdateret 09. oktober 2017
Howdy! I am studyin a MSc in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at DTU. I am a creative mechanical engineer passionate about product development.
Currently I am looking for a student job within my field of studies. If you are looking for a hard-working and committed person, look no further!


Opdateret 10. oktober 2017

DTU Studerende Kreativ Kemi Ingeniør  

Opdateret 31. oktober 2017
I'm a student at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with the purpose of getting a degree as Master of Science in Engineering, in Digital Media Engineering. My focus area is primarily Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
In my spare time i enjoy gaming, photography and cooking.

Data analyst Programming Machine Learning User Experience Designer  

Opdateret 22. september 2017
Holder of MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with specialization in Residual Resource Engineering. Moreover, a diploma in Environmental Engineering from Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Greece. My pasion lies within the areas of biogas, wastewater and climate change

Opdateret 27. september 2017
PhD in biotechnology: My ambition is to join a R&D team that will work about biotechnology (food/health microbiology or food safety) in multidisciplinary projects.
I am an enthusiastic and an adaptative person who particularly enjoy collaborating with scientists and professionals from different disciplines to develop new skills an innovate.

Opdateret 25. september 2017
Mobile Software Developer - Mobile Network Engineer

Opdateret 21. oktober 2017
Jeg har en meget stor interesse for næsten alt IT, specielt de mere tekniske dele som software programmering og computer hardware.
Jeg har over de sidste 6 år arbejdet med programmering som en hobby. Jeg har primært brugt programmeringssprogene Java, C# og C++.
Jeg synes at finde problemer og løsninger er meget interessant.

Studerende programmering java IT IT support software  

Opdateret 13. september 2017
Worked as computer technician 2 times as summer job and did my internship at University of Macedonia, Computers and Networks department. Also used to work as a Fabric's agent for almost 8 months. My job was to communicate with the factory, arrange orders and shipping as well as troubleshooting.

QuickLearner Adaptive Troubleshooter Calm HardwareTechnician  

Opdateret 12. september 2017
Since the beginning of MSc in Digital Media Engineering at (DTU), the long lecture and project based studies have provided me with knowledge in creating business models,coding in different programming languages such as Python etc. In my BSc in electronic engineering I developed my skills in construction of analog and digital electronic circuits etc

Opdateret 17. september 2017
Energy engineer. Looking for a student job in renewable energy or sustainability.

B.Eng: Power Engineering in English language at Warsaw University of Technology.
Thesis: Offshore Wind Energy Potential in Poland.

M.Eng: Wind Energy at Technical University of Denmark.

A sailplane apprentice-pilot, a dedicated EYPer and adventurer.

energy renewable energy sources sustainable renewables res wind offshore team  

Opdateret 02. september 2017
Internationally experienced Optimization & LEAN Manager with 18+ years of experience with a strong background in Operation Excellency, Change Management, Project Management, Pharmaceutical and FMCG manufacturing experience. Qualifications include Black Belt in LEAN & Six Sigma with hands on experience, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Practical Managem

Opdateret 14. september 2017
About myself as a person I can tell you that I am extrovert, open and maintain an effective approach. I work best under pressure and therefore see a hectic work environment as an advantage. All in all I am good to work with people, IT tools and processes and see myself as a very open person.

open person. effective approach innovative Software networking  

Opdateret 06. september 2017
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