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I am a versatile, international General Engineering student with a special interest for electronics and data analysis.
Professional strengths: mathematics, programming, technical drawing.
Personal strengths: Quick learner, reliable, independant.

Opdateret 09. februar 2017
Graduate from MSc Design and Innovation (DTU, DK) and MSc in Engineering (Centrale Lille, FR), I am a structured and creative engineer with competences and strong interest in user experience, product development and interactive systems

Opdateret 06. februar 2017
An Icelander studying Advanced and Applied Chemistry at DTU. BSc in Chemistry from the University of Iceland. Looking for a student/summer job. Experience working in quality analysis at a pharmaceutical company. Trained in GMP.

Opdateret 06. februar 2017
Msc student in Chemical Engineering. Skilled in all aspects of chemical engineering including process computer simulation, development, equipment sizing and specification. Ability to use applied research and problem-solving. Have decent experience about group working and group management.

student DTU Msc Chemical Engineer  
Opdateret 25. januar 2017
Hi! I am Giovanni, an international student at DTU.
I moved to Denmark to breath an international climate and look for good opportunities in my field, IT and Telecommunications - recently also machine learning.
I am looking for a challenging student job, which let me work and study together.

dtu machine learning telecommunications student it  
Opdateret 18. januar 2017

DTU Produktionsingeniør ingeniør Planner SMC  
Opdateret 16. februar 2017
Jeg er på 4. Semester som bygningsingeniør og har også uddannelse som bygningskonstruktør.
Jeg søger et relevant studiejob og praktikplads fra juli/august

Opdateret 08. februar 2017
Competent multidisciplinary engineer with double MSc degree in Industrial Engineering at UPV (Spain) and MSc degree in Sustainable Energy at DTU, willing to work in a multicultural challenging environment. Provided with strong analytical and quantitative skills, along with passion for learning.

Opdateret 23. januar 2017
Recent graduate with a masters degree in mathematical modelling and computations.
My masters had a focus on numerical solutions to differential equations, optimization, and geometry.
In my Bachelor I had a broad range of different mathematical on physical subjects.

Opdateret 25. januar 2017
Diligent and proactive engineer with strong background in operations, project management and computational modelling, creating quantitative models to influence in business decisions. With initiative and curiosity, interested in supporting companies to improve their processes through optimization and

Opdateret 20. januar 2017
Double Degree MSc student, Environmental Engineering.
Looking forward to apply my skills in assisting senior staff on Environmental Projects with e.g.:
Data Analysis and Reporting
Environmental Modelling
Field Investigations
Drawings (AutoCAD)
Mapping (ArcGIS)
Project Management

Project Management Data Analysis Report Writing Design Calculations Water & Environment  
Opdateret 01. januar 2017
Versatile professional profile, characterized by a strong engineering and multidisciplinary approach to problems. A solid problem-solving and planning skills, balanced with economic, managerial, and organizational competencies.

Management Problem solving Planning Organizational competencies Technology  
Opdateret 10. januar 2017
I am a young and ambitious Design Engineer with a solid educational background in:
  • Socio-technical understanding of products and systems in their social and technical context
  • Product Development (Agile + Plan-driven)
  • Conceptualization (Products + Services)
  • - Production Planning (Processes

    Design Innovation Furniture Management German  
    Opdateret 08. januar 2017
    Jeg er nyuddannet civilingeniør med en baggrund i elektroteknologi fra bacheloren samt ledelse og organisation fra kandidaten. Jeg har stor interesse for at arbejde med rådgivning og projektledelse gerne med en vinkel på energi.

    DTU Alumne Engineering Management Goal-oriented Målrettet  
    Opdateret 12. januar 2017
    Jeg er en meget kvalitetbevidst person, som arbejder hårdt for at opnå det optimale. Jeg har desuden en god evne til at nå de mål, som jeg har sat mig for og sætter mig gerne hurtigt ind i nye områder og teknologier.

    Teknik Trainee elektronik Bæredygtig IT  
    Opdateret 16. januar 2017
    French MSc student in Sustainable Energy/Wind Energy at DTU. Highly interested in green energies and sustainable developement. Looking for a student assitant position in the area of Copenhagen.

    Motivated Curious Autonomous Sustainable Energy Rigorous  
    Opdateret 14. januar 2017
    Som matematikingeniør bliver man uddannet til at gøre uhåndgribelige problemstillinger håndgribelige. Jeg valgte ingeniør uddannelsen bl.a. for de særlige problemløsningsteknikker, man erhverver sig som ingeniør. De giver en mulighed for at analysere alle slags problemer og datasæt.

    Opdateret 14. januar 2017
    A motivated and hard working Civil and Environmental Engineer with a specialization in urban water engineering. Being an outgoing person with a strong personal drive and dedication with also a strong work ethic and willingness to take responsibility for my own learning. Aiming to gain relevant work

    Opdateret 12. januar 2017
    Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy and Energy Conversion.
    I am good with people and numbers. My speciality is Energy as well as Big data but I have a good understanding of most basic science.

    DTU alumne projektleder energi undervisning big data  
    Opdateret 09. januar 2017
    Materials engineer seeking new challenges and believe in that "We can’t change the situation, but we can choose the way, how to deal with it".

    Opdateret 25. januar 2017

    chemistry catalysis teaching lab environmental  
    Opdateret 30. januar 2017
    My education has given me tools like mathematical optimization, mathematical modelling, algorithms and statistical analysis which has strengthen my abilities as an analyst. My understanding of Operations Research combined with my ability to cooperate and meet deadlines puts me in a unique position t

    Opdateret 02. januar 2017
    Biomedical Engineer, Technical University of Denmark.

    Positive and challenge seeking consultant.
    Ambitious and innovative teamplayer.
    Young and passionate networker.
    Extrovert and positive communicator in various languages.
    Curious explorer and globetrotter.

    Feel free to reach out

    Opdateret 02. januar 2017
    Dedicated Civil Engineer currently studying MSc of Structural Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, with four years of work experience in the oil and gas industry.

    Opdateret 10. januar 2017
    sharp, hardworking and open to new ideas. Interested in food product development, and microscopy techniques. Does not mind long lab hours.

    Opdateret 12. januar 2017
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